Sander Niesten

Hi! I'm Sander a 29-year-old (on my way to be) webdeveloper from the Haarlem area. End of 2017 I suddenly bumped into my new ♥ : programming! So I decided to give my life a new course and have not regretted it ever since.

The last five months have been an epic adventure. A five week bootcamp at Codaisseur, looking into Ruby, Rails, SQL, Javascript, test driven development and so much more. Next, I got my first taste of React through Codecademy and build my first 2 React app's and a cool little minesweeper game. The FreeCodeCamp course is now on my menu. And in the future? Hopefully a traineeship and much more cool stuff to learn!

Face of Sander Niesten
Frontpage of an app to make music playlists

JAMMMING - A web application build in React using the Spotify API to let users login, create, edit and save their own playlists.

Frontpage of yelp like website

RAVENOUS - A Yelp-like web application build in React using real-world data from the Yelp API.

Javascript code for a minesweeper game

MINESWEEPER - The game we all know, written in Javascript and running in node. Make your own board and play!

Database code for a app

CODAISSEUR - 5 week bootcamp, during which I learned the fundamentals of programming and worked with Ruby, Rails, Javascript, SQLite and learned a bit of TDD.

Contact me

Coffee, pizza? Or do you have any interesting stories about surfing, coding or the universe itself?! I'm often in Haarlem and Amsterdam, so don't hesitate to hit me up. Either through social media or my e-mail.